I did not believe at first my session with Christine really worked until a week later and then a month later. It has been a year since my first session and I am happier and healthier on so many levels, I have new people in my life and all the others have fallen away. Some older people have come back into my life but they are like new people because my perspective has changed about myself and them. Amazing!!


It was a very metaphysical experience in my body as I saw and felt so much light healing my body and my mind. I received so much repair in my heart physically and energetically. I could not believe all my tears washing my old stuff away. I woke up feeling very tired at first but then I bounced up with this renewal in me. I am so much more optimistic about my life and my career.I had to leave my job because it was killing me and now I am doing what I love and helping people. QHHT help put me on the right path and restored balance.


I was lost in my life and my job and was seeking balance, my hypnosis appointment was worth it in every way and then some. I discovered much about myself and others in my life and about the world and the universe.


I have done two QHHT sessions with Christine because I liked the first one so much. My second one was even better then the first. I totally see my self coming back again


This hypnosis is very different then other methods I have tried. I had so many fears I could not get  away from and nothing was working. I now know better as a result of connecting to my Higher Mind and took away from my session some valuable memories that give my today life more purpose then I had realized before coming to my session


Everyone who is curious should try it. You might be very surprised at what you will find. I came for something that had nothing to do with what I needed the most. At first I was concerned then I soon realized the magnitude and generosity that my higher self was showing me. I became very grateful for what happened and it influences me as a person in a more positive way then before.


If I were to describe my time with Christine in qhht hypnosis I would say it was fun and exciting and also sad things were released and my heart feels lighter


Thank you for the QHHT experience. It was a good visit with you and I got plenty from it. I can breath better and I am not suffering as much. I am still working things out but my mind is better in dealing with things. Every time I listen to my recording things shift some more. Sometimes it is weird but I know it is helping me


I have to say this was a wild ride and extremely informative. The information that is left on my recording is unbelievable and it is hard to believe all that happened in one session. Christine you did great with me and thank you for all your hard work in helping me to help myself.


Spirit guides were healing me and I felt very connected to love and light in my hypnosis session. It was well worth it and I thank you Christine!