Light Language

Light Language came through me as a child and I did not know what it was. It came through the form of dance with my body and hands. I would put on shows with my family and at family gatherings when I was 6 and 7 years old.

I remembered one time seeing the expressionless faces looking back at me and thinking “what is wrong with everyone here”? “Why is nobody smiling and why do they keep saying they are enjoying it, yet they do not smile? “I would stop many times but they would all encourage me to keep going. It was very strange and I was confused at what was going on. This experience shut me down and I never wanted to dance and entertain the people I loved again.

Christine with Jayme Price

In 2017 I attended my first CE5 gathering in Palm Springs with Steven Greer, after that I began toning and singing and later found out it was Galactic Light Language that was wanting to express itself through me. In 2018 I figured it was time to attend Jayme  Price’s Light Language workshop in Sedona to help me understand and receive more of this wonderful transmission of energy that was wanting to come through. The workshop helped bring in The Galactic Light Language through speaking and allowed for other forms of light Language to come in as well. I experienced Galactic Shamen, Angelic and Elemental Light Language as well as Ancient Earth Light Language

The Galactic Light Language is what is most with me at this current time in expression and this makes complete sense to me as I position myself very seriously as an Ambassador of our beloved sentient star beings. Our ancient star brothers and sisters or our interstellar families from the future.

What is Light Language?

  • A new tool to direct healing to the body
  • A new tool to access Consciousness through your Higher Self
  • A spiritual tool to access, practice or facilitate healing quickly
  • A spiritual practice for raising your vibration to move light through your being to activate light codes in your DNA
  • To merge the Conscious and the Unconscious mind
  • A new frequency activating your DNA
  • New software for the Soul
  • Messages from Love and Healing from Angels and Cosmic realms and The Higher Self, messages from God
  • that filter through your higher self activating encodements
  • Connects you to truth (new modality) yet ancient that is most important for you.
  • The next wave of awareness
  • A tool to activate aspects of yourself you have not met
  • Truth codes that become part of you in the now experience
  • It’s like listening to another language you do not understand with your mind but your heart understands because it feels it.

I feel amazing when I offer someone a transmission, I do not always get the translation of the message but people can figure it out through their perception of feelings and thoughts of knowing. Transmissions are always their to be offered I just let it come through and it is like it is always right there at the surface waiting to come forth with no effort or time.

I feel empowered with more direction to help and I know I am touching Love

Christine Clark

Shekina Rose

It was with Shekina Rose that I first experienced Mother Mary. Shekina brought my physical body through a portal that allowed us both to smell the sweet fragrance of rose and lillies. It was a hot day in the desert but Mother Mary gave us a cooling breeze on two occasions as we communicated with her.The cool breeze in the middle of the desert was chilling and fragrant filled.The communication experience in thought and knowing form was very powerful and left our bodies shaking with confirmation. The power was great in the power of Love.

Thank You Shekina for your tireless dedication to The Earth and for allowing me in and anointing me with The Rose Ray and reminding me that I am from The Blue Ray.

Christine Clark


Shekina Rose

Angelic Messenger Crystal Vocalist

Shekina is an Angelic Messenger Crystal Vocalist for the Language of light, Peace Emissary and Channel of the Blue Ray, Creator of “Shekina Rose StarGate Pendants;” Ancient sacred technologies “Pleiadian Line” Star Resonators and Sedona New Earth Crystals, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances.


Quan Yin

Healing Negative Influences

Sample Voice of Hypnotist Facilitation / Past Life Regression