Titled : All Dressed Up And No Place To Go.

Because I have a scientific and spiritual mind I am able to shred through the teachings of Quantum Physics,which helped me to be more grounded and integrated. I can’t tell you where the bubble I had been living in went,but it is gone, like a distant memory of another,older me. This new me had returned to my innocence and my sovereign being.There is great power here that is unfolding and I am no longer feeling all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Open and exposed means alive. Enlightenment does not mean life does not have challenges; it means you participate with awareness bathed in acceptance and a reverence for life and love. This short-circuits the degree and duration of suffering and you always see opportunity within it. You choose from your knowing. You grow and lift yourself and by living your life as an example instead of telling everyone else what to do. You lift others as well.

I followed the music with clarity and the muffled sounds were gone. I stopped needing someone to go to the party with and instead started trusting that I could find the party on my own. When I showed up at the party and opened the door, I saw me with the most beautiful balloons I had ever seen, of colors I had never seen before in this life. It was my party and I had written the guest list. I was the party,and everyone in this lifetime who played a role in my awakening was there…and there was love and laughter.

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