Hypnosis Healing 5D+

Christine Clark


I am so happy to be here with you and to have us all share in the healing of humanity and our planet earth.

I am just starting out with my website and will be building it out as I grow into this new phase of my life and as I grow with each and every one of you. It is my true honour and privilege to serve in the best way I can.

My website will be offering short segments of audio recordings of Hypnosis sessions to help you feel and benefit from the energy of the work and to gain a greater understanding. There will also be short videos of me speaking about the hypnosis to help you prepare and get the most out of your own sessions with me.I will also share with you recordings of light language that occasionally comes through me as this will help the activation of your DNA to receive the upgrades. The light language comes in through dance, language, singing, hand movements and through images painted on a canvas by me.I will share this variety so that as you watch or simply hear, you will receive.

I will post information about some of my table work sessions(energy healing) that I have been privileged to facilitate. They have been ceremonies of witnessing my clients heal themselves as I simply hold the space for them and act as the assistant for their higher consciousness in being. Because I am only able to see my clients as perfect and whole, I am able to help them heal instantly but only if they are ready. My table work is for preparing my clients for the hypnosis and to also help integrate their hypnosis experience. The nervous system is often the last to integrate itself after a change or shift in perspective. I offer this to clients who have no interest in hypnosis as well

You will be able to see so much more on my website including YouTube videos and information about some of the special mentors in my life that have helped me on my healing journey. Being a published author you will see some of my writing from my anthology book project that I had the Joy of participating in. The idea of the story is to inspire those that feel connected to it and to not give up hope and to know they are not alone. Much in the same way as I have been helped by others that have told their story.

It is my hope that you will get the feeling of who I really am and will feel comfortable in trusting me and allow your nervous system to relax so that you can open up to your own sacred space to self realize your sovereign soul and the freedom that comes from that truer nature or natural state of being and in your truth except deeply your human self.

I hope that you will feel my invitation and excitement for the mysteries of life, the exploration of what is outside of the box and the bigger picture that clarifies itself with peace in you heart.

Accept responsibility for your well being!

It is easy to give away the power to transform your life.The ego can be a very fragile thing,and if it becomes inflamed,the first instinct is to blame an outside force.Victim consciousness weakens the connection that you have to your soul source.

This mind set says: I don’t have the power inside myself to break free,because someone else’s power is stronger.This is an illusion.

When you believe that someone else is responsible for your problems,that belief is the problem.

Teach about love.You fulfill this task whenever you’re centered,serene,and loving,as that’s when you’re a role model of Divine peace.You don’t have to say a word,write a book,or work as a healer in order to positively affect others.You merely need to be loving and compassionate in your interactions with others.Those who are peaceful teach about peace,which is the expression of Divine love on Earth.